Monthly Archives: February 2013

When your response isn’t helpful…

I’m really sick of this response to One Billion Rising, “men can be abused too. Women are also perpetrators.”  No one is saying this doesn’t happen. No is saying this isn’t an issue as well. No one is saying we shouldn’t try to solve this problem.

However, let’s look at this statistic: 1 in 3 women will be beaten and/or raped in her lifetime. This is not on a national level–this is on a global level. This is a fucking scary statistic. So yes, there is this ONE DAY where women, and those who love them want to take a stand against the violence.

The patriarchy shames all victims. There must be added feelings of not being “manly enough,” and worrying that those they share their story with, will sort of laugh it off. However, that doesn’t make it less of an issue than DV against women. It also doesn’t make it a more important issue either. Violence against anyone is heinous, and should be spoken out against.

If you want to organize a day to protest domestic violence against men, I’ll be there. I’ll even help you organize it. BUT you know what I won’t be doing? I won’t be undermining your event/cause.